New Patients

Thanks for your interest in Nepute Wellness. Please download the patient form, and review our five-step process for receiving new patients.

Download New Patient Form

Becoming a new Nepute Wellness patient:


Step One

A one-on-one consultation with a Nepute Wellness Center doctor will be performed. During this initial meeting we will discuss your current health issues, determine a probable cause, and assess prior issues and any damage done by previous failed treatments.


Step Two

We do not accept everyone as a patient at Nepute Wellness. For acceptance, the doctors must be able to identify the cause of your condition and feel assured that your customized health plan will be successful. The following assessments are designed to ensure a positive outcome:

  1. A comprehensive wellness evaluation, including any necessary laboratory tests, will be performed to determine the precise cause of your health issue.
  2. A short physical exam by the doctor (including palpatation) will be conducted to identify spinal misalignment and other structural problems, as well as uncover sources of any pain.
  3. Stress x-rays will be taken to provide focus to the structural issues potentially causing your health issues.

Step Three

The doctor will determine if additional laboratory tests or x-rays are needed.


Step Four

At this vital step in your health plan, Dr. Eric will review the following with you:

  1. The problem causing your health issue.
  2. How and why the cause is affecting your health.
  3. Your personalized pathway to renewed health, including the care and action steps needed.
  4. What the initial requirements and costs will be if you are accepted as a patient.
  5. After reviewing your case, the doctor will decide if you will be accepted as a patient. As this meeting will lay the foundation for your recovery and important decisions will be made, you MUST attend this meeting with your spouse or significant other.

Step Five

Your treatment will begin. Congratulations on taking the first steps to reaching your God-given health potential! Remember
true wellness comes from within and we are unlocking your body’s own ability to heal itself.